Mathematics and Medicine, the careers with the highest cut-off marks this year

Fashion does not go through the university, or maybe it does, but not in the choice of careers. The 2022 cut-off notes for university access have not left anyone indifferent. After a decade being the degree where it is most difficult to enter, the double degree in Physics and Mathematics at the UAB and at the UB has been excluded from the list because only 20 places are offered and this distorted the result, despite the fact that in the practice continue to be the courses with the highest marks (13,536 at the UAB and 13,453 at the UB).

Although they are different each year, these scores serve as a guide to future college students. Courses related to health sciences, such as Biomedicine or Medicine, lead the list of degrees with the highest cut-off marks and, therefore, are the most competitive.

Despite the fact that it is usually a popular degree and in high demand, applications to study Medicine have skyrocketed in recent years, especially as a result of the pandemic and the great work shown by health professionals. In fact, in June 2020, just four months after the start of the health crisis in Spain, Spanish public universities registered more than 64,000 applications to study medicine44% more than the previous year, according to pre-registration data from the Integrated University Information System (SIIU) of the Ministry of Universities.

In Catalonia, the Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine has considerably increased its cut-off mark. At the UB and UPF it is higher than 13, and at the UAB, URV, UdG and UdL these scores do not drop below 12.8. For three decades, the degree with the greatest demand at the UB has been Medicine and it has done so again this year: 1,915 people have wanted to enroll, despite the fact that there are only 172 places. The Diario Ara, leader in Catalonia, explained that one of the main problems of the lack of doctors is precisely in this access to the university. On the one hand, because only the academic grade is taken into account and not the personal skills of the future doctors, and on the other, because any student from the State can access it.

In the health area, the UB Nursing Degree is also in high demand, with 891 applications for 395 places, which shows that despite the increase announced this year, it is still insufficient to absorb demand. At this point, if there is a lack of nurses, it is, above all, because there are a lack of places in the university and not enough professionals leave to guarantee the replacement.

Mathematics remains on the podium

The university degree in Spain where it was most difficult to obtain a place in the 2021-2022 academic year was the double degree in Mathematics and Physics at the Complutense University of Madrid, something that is not new in this degree for which applicants to one of its 25 vacancies had to reach an average mark of 13.85 points out of 14. It is practically the same cut-off mark that it had the previous year (13.857).

The experts are clear: it is a constant. Of the ten careers that last year required a higher entrance mark in public universities throughout Spain, six were double degrees in Mathematics and Physics, which did not demand less than 13.6 points. The predominance of Mathematics, in different combinations with other studies, is more than evident this year. Of the 100 degrees with the highest cut-off mark, 27 of them are double degrees in which this discipline appears.

In addition to statistical data, the cut-off mark is very useful information for Baccalaureate students who aspire to continue their training in public universities. It is an indicator of the difficulty it will have to access the desired studies, and above all, it gauges the demand for the degree. It is also known that, on many occasions, the magnitude of the necessary note is conditioned by the number of offers, rather than by the difficulty of the race once it is accessed.


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