Matías Almeyda clarifies that he will soon disassociate himself from the San José Earthquakes. Will he return to Chivas?

The ‘Pelado’ explained his contractual situation where in 10 months he will be free and will be able to join the club that suits him best

Matías Almeyda during the presentation of the Chivas film (IMAGO 7)
© IMER OROZCO ACOSTAMatías Almeyda during the presentation of the Chivas film (IMAGO 7)

The illusion is renewed in the red and white nation. Matías Almeyda made it clear that his cycle in the San José Earthquakes is about to end and admitted that with the little time remaining on his contract with the MLS team, suitors have emerged and he will prioritize their interests.

“A very particular subject. It will be the fourth year that they will give me the opportunity to work at this club, in this League and I am grateful. I have 10 months left to be free and when this happens in soccer there are always interests, personally and from other people.

“I live from day to day andor can I avoid them who want to hire me as a coaching staff”, he declared at a press conference where he clarified that his board is aware of the situation, although he will continue to do his best during the campaign that is about to start.

The ‘Pelado’ is the latest Chivas idol because under his management the most recent golden age of the institution was raised by winning five titles in two and a half years, so the fans yearn for his return although it looks complicated.

Why did Almeyda leave Chivas?

The Argentine concluded his management in Guadalajara after the rupture of the relationship with the board that was headed by José Luis Higuerain addition to the fact that he registered poor numbers in the Mx League after winning the Clausura 2017 title.

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