Matías Vuoso: El Toro stars in a fight on amateur soccer fields in Zapopan (VIDEO)

Controversial on and off the pitch, former player of America and Atlasalso bearer of the jacket of the Mexican team, Matias Vuoso he left fair play aside and starred in a tremendous fight on some soccer fields very close to the Sale of the Shipyard in Zapopan.

It was last Monday, where the final was played between Clover and Real San Sebasthe latter where “Toro” Vuoso plays, who also shares a team with Juan Carlos “El Topo” Valenzuelaalso a former Atlas player and Daniel Guzman Jr.

The naturalized Mexican player, who is “league figure” He would not have endured the mark of his rival, a situation for which he was let go with blows; according to witnesses, tempers would have heated up minutes before, because the defender had already given the Argentine a couple of stomps and elbows.

“The fight was tasty. Matías ended up expelled; during the game, words had already been said,” said one of the witnesses.

In the end and after calming down the anger, the team Royal San Sebastian was runner-up and Matías Vuoso received the scoring champion trophy.



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