Matt Damon Could Be a Batman Villain: He Had to Turn Down the First Superhero Movie to Make Over $1 Billion

The actor’s past with The Dark Knight goes back years.

oppenheimer This isn’t the first time for Matt Damon under Christopher Nolan’s command. The actor and director collaborated in 2014 interstellar, The interpreter took part in the film starring Matthew McConaughey with a small role of the villain, but he could also work with Nolan as an antagonist much earlier. However, Damon had to turn down the filmmaker’s offer.

nolan was recruiting actors dark Knightsequel to his Christian Bale Batman trilogy, and Damon was considered for the role Harvey Dent,Two Faces,

The film that won Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar for his performance clownbecame First superhero film to cross $1 billion at the worldwide box office. Damon didn’t know it at the time, but his refusal to play a DC villain was due to scheduling issues. Aaron Eckhart eventually took over the role of Harvey Dent.

“Well, dark Knight It was a small role they gave me… It wasn’t Heath or Christian… There was another big movie, a big role that I was playing and I thought, ‘Well, I can’t play Harvey Dent, it’s a relatively small role, but I’m prioritizing this other thing.Damon explained on the podcast happy sad confused In 2021.

As he added:

But you have to be optimistic about it and say: ‘Everything is going well.’ At this point, I accidentally passed up the biggest payout in movie history, so I could never have made a worse financial mistake than I could have done.

In these final statements, Damon jokes Avatar, actors could give life Jake Sully, the hero of the saga now, but did not say. Sam Worthington took over the role, and the film became the highest-grossing film in film history. its sequel Avatar: Feeling of Water It is the third highest grossing film in history.

matt damon could be robin

But Damon’s connection to Batman doesn’t stop at this curiosity. In the past, the actor had done the ‘casting’ robin In batman by Tim Burton. The original plan was to introduce the character in a film starring Michael Keaton, but then they changed. Years later, he returned for another test to give life dick grayson In batman and robin, the film with George Clooney as the Dark Knight, directed by Joel Schumacher. Chris O’Donnell got the role of Robin.

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“In 1993 I was one of three finalists to play Robin in the George Clooney/Joel Schumacher Batman”he explained. “Chris O’Donnell had the role, but they were haggling over the money, so the studio kept attacking other people for auditions, but they wanted Chris, but they wanted him for a price. I know Chris and I remember calling him up and telling him, ‘I’ll do this for a quarter of what this guy is asking.’ I needed the job! So I went casting for Joel, but they always wanted me to be Chris,” Damon concluded.

Now that Batman has returned to the big screen with a version played by Robert Pattinson, Damon may get another chance to play a character in the Matt Reeves-directed saga. Besides Pattinson, dc universe make a movie the brave and the Bold With another actor in the role of Bruce Wayne. So, if the daemon wants it, it has many options.

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