Matt Damon in search of justice in an exclusive preview clip


The Matt Damon thriller The Stillwater Girl, directed by Tom McCarthy, arrives on 9 September. We have an exclusive preview clip of the film, also starring Abigail Breslin and Camille Cottin.

The Stillwater Girl is the new film by Thomas McCarthy, winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Screenplay with The Spotlight case. This time too we are in thriller territory, but it is a thriller that crosses with French noir and is influenced by the influence of writers like ours. Andrea Camilleri And Massimo Carlotto.

The Stillwater Girl, in cinemas from 9 September, stars a magnificent Matt Damon as a jobless oil worker named Bill Baker who goes from Oklahoma to Marseille, where his daughter is in jail on murder charges. The girl pleads innocent and thinks she has found a lead capable of clearing her, and asks her father to speak to the lawyers. However, the man wants to do justice on his own and, while trying to overcome the discomfort caused by a language and a country that he does not understand, he makes friends with a woman who is the mother of a child.

Before The Stillwater Girl take shape, Tom McCarthy he only had in mind to shoot a thriller that had a European setting. He lacked, however, characters who had a heart, a soul. So he stopped writing the script, which he let sit for seven years. Then he contacted a couple of French screenwriters, Thomas Bidegain And Noé Debré, and the story began to take shape. To change the cards on the table again, influencing the psychology of Bill Baker, was an event linked to US news: the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. The Stillwater Girl it has therefore also become a reflection on a lost America, no longer balanced, far from that idea of ​​democracy, equality and tolerance that had long been its banner. “Bill Baker“- said the director in this regard -” is present in Marseille and somehow tries to behave like the classic American hero that we expect, but now we live in a completely different country “. McCarthy, so, The Stillwater Girl “it is a story of liberation that mixes with shame and guilt, capable of keeping us tied to a place. It is a film that shows us our need to be loved and desired”.


In the cast of The Stillwater Girl we also find Abigail Breslin And Camille Cottin. Of the film, which will arrive in theaters on September 9th distributed by Universal Pictures, today we have an exclusive preview clip in which the protagonist Bill he tries, in fact, to be an American hero, discovering that, in Marseille, it is an attitude that does not pay.



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