Matt Damon: My regret is rejecting Avatar. Cameron had offered me 10% “


Al Giornale: «It seemed like a small thing that didn’t need a character like me. I’m boring, the newspapers haven’t managed to get me out of a single scandal “

Matt Damon: My regret is rejecting Avatar.  Cameron had offered me 10%

Il Giornale interviews Matt Damon. He stars in Stillwater, a film out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival. He is an actor, screenwriter and producer, but, he says, he only ever wanted to act.

«I have all these souls, I cannot deny it. But since I can remember myself I’ve always wanted to act ».

He won the Oscar as a screenwriter with Will hunting – Rebel genius.

“Sometimes I remember that I am also a writer. I become more serious, especially I get my feet back on the ground. I have a team of people who help me with this. Inside me there is the meditative soul of the writer and sooner or later I return to this dimension ».

They say he is a good boy.

“It’s a label that got stuck on me, and honestly, I didn’t do much to earn it. I am very boring. The newspapers threw in the towel with me. Unconditional surrender. They haven’t been able to get me out of a single scandal. Let’s say that I have learned the discipline ».

What was the turning point of your career? They ask him. He responds by citing a movie he did not star.

“Surely Avatar. I refused it. It seemed like a little thing that didn’t need a character like me. When I think about what happened after and before. James Cameron offered me 10 percent. ‘

His closest friend?

“Ben Affleck. We grew up together, we were neighbors and schoolmates ».

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