Mauricio Ochmann confesses that he planned to take his own life

Recently the famous actor Mexican Mauricio Ochmann announced that he planned to take his own life with the consumption of non-legal substances, something that undoubtedly surprised his followers a lot.

That’s right, the actor Mauricio Ochmann announced that since he was young he faced many addictions, which made him hit rock bottom and think about kill yourself.

Mauricio confessed that on several occasions he was about to lose the cause of the excessive consumption of non-legal substances; However, their daughter He was the one who saved him.

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The actor announced that his childhood was extremely hard, where he was an adopted child and that he tried alcohol from an early age.

However, beyond his problem with alcohol, he faced the excessive consumption of non-legal substances that made him hit rock bottom on many occasions, to the point of planning to take his own life.

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The actor Mauricio Ochmann in a recent interview with Yordi Rosado for his YouTube channel, shared that since he was a child he began to consume adult beverages, causing a great dependency.

Shortly after, he began with non-legal substances, going through several until he tried the one he liked the most.

The actor said that he went through many events close to death due to excessive consumption, and was so strong that he came to plan how he was going to lose his life; however, his first daughter, Lorenza, made him reconsider.

On a night sitting in front of his daughter’s empty bed, the actor had planned his loss with an overdose.

It was after how many days I had been live, I was already saying goodbye to Lorenza, I was very small, I had already planned morlrmw, I was ready to talk to the dealer to ask for a considerable amount for now, goodbye.

However, something made Mauricio Ochmann reconsider that this was not the time to lose his life, so he was admitted so as not to consume any illegal substance again.

This is how he also made it known that one of the occasions that he was about to lose his life was when one of his workers found him in his bed “sinking” and was the one who took him to the hospital.

If it hadn’t been for the person who worked with me at that time, I wouldn’t count her, hey! It was in Cuernavaca”.

However, Mauricio Ochmann announced that this was not the last time he went through it, since despite the fact that on that occasion he was admitted to stop consuming the drink, he did not succeed, it was until he was about to take off the life when it ended.

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