Mauro Icardi’s radical change of look and the comment made by Wanda Nara

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

“I’m back,” he wrote Mauro Icardi on his Instagram account, a social network in which he has almost 10 million followers. “I came back,” wrote the footballer in English who referred to his new appearance: he decided to change his look, abandon the dark-haired man and dye himself platinum again, as he had already worn on other occasions.

The player took a selfie from the armchair in the living room of his house in Istanbul (Turkey), where he moved months ago with Wanda Nara and his children once he was transferred from PSG Paris to the Galatasaray club. And those who did not appear in the image are Francesca and Isabella, who these days are there with him, while his wife is in Argentina recording the new season of masterchefthe Telefe cooking reality show that will have her as the star host, and her three children, Valentino, Costanino and Benedicto, from her previous marriage to maxi lopez.

The publication obtained almost half a million “likes” and among the thousands of comments, the one from the businesswoman stood out, who did not miss the player’s new look. “Your blonde, I’m a brunette,” wrote Zaira’s older sister, referring to the fact that she also renewed her appearance a while ago: weeks ago she abandoned her characteristic blonde and opted for a much darker color. Although it was a commercial agreement -a brand paid him to do it-, he assured that he liked it and that it had generated an important repercussion and that is why he would continue like this for a while longer, although he clarified that later he would return to color with the that we met her when she broke into the media.

Mauro Icardi’s new look and Wanda Nara’s message

The marital situation between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi is uncertain. Although she, in the different interviews that she gives to the Argentine media, assures that they are separated, she recently gave a note on Italian television – where she was accompanied by him – and she said that they continue as a couple. “He is my husband. We have been together since he was 19 years old, we have always been a family. We have been married for almost ten years. It’s lucky for me, I don’t know for him. We hope it lasts a lifetime. Mauro fell in love with me not at the disco, but when he was making pasta with butter and Parmesan in his pajamas ”.

There he also revealed the exorbitant sum of money that the soccer player paid to give him the “most expensive wallet in the world” after the scandal with Eugenia the China Suarez: It is a limited edition of the Himalaya Birkin model of the Hermès brand, valued at more than 340 thousand euros. “Icardi bought me a 300,000-euro bag for that. I’ll keep that bag, if possible I’ll sleep in it,” said the businesswoman about the product that very few celebrities in the world have: Jennifer López, Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife, Georgina Rodríguez, and David Beckham’s wife. , Victoria Beckham.

“My husband is more afraid of losing me than of getting divorced. Today we are happy, I am happy even in bad times. I always look for a way to be happy, ”added Wanda in that interview that she went to with Icardi, who waited for her behind the camera, as seen in a photo that he himself posted on her networks. In this regard, she assured: “We are together, we will continue together and we will always be together.”

The soccer player made the caveat after dedicating a post to her for her anniversary that drew attention precisely because until then the model maintained that they were separated. “She, my wife, my only love, my queen in this realm of life, the mother of my daughters. I love you. 10 years of love in which we had to go through millions of beautiful things, others not so good, fight against envy, bad vibes, insults, put down many ‘clowns’ who wanted to get on this train that only us We know how much it cost, how much we gave of ourselves to have and be what we are today. I love you, and I will love you all my life, my beautiful queen.

However, after having uploaded that romantic post, he deleted it, without explaining why. And now, after showing her new look, the one who surprised was Wanda Nara herself when she made the comment about it.

The new look of Wanda Nara with which she was compared to Moria Casán

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