MAW festival returns to Madrid with artists Arde Bogotá, La Habitación Rosa, Shinova and many more

concert mawwill land in Madrid’s Parque del Oeste next October With over 15 artists and 6 hours of music every day Dancing and singing at the top of your lungs. This festival is held on the weekend October 7 and 8 And this band, filled with extraordinary DJs, food truck and leisure activities. Along with the entertainment comes awareness, as the spirit of the festival is to raise awareness about the future of our oceans and help conserve them.

The party starts with a concert on Saturday, October 7 Pompa Open Air X MWfor which artists like butterfly Effect, your second lady And elephantsHowever, other names are yet to be announced.

continues from sunday 8 concerts from madrid to the oceanswhatever happens bogota burned down, miss caffeine, shinova, red Room, very brava, Go to hell, mikael arentxun, Child, peter,amparanoia,Zara City, merino, tile, Jenny and the Mexicats, corizonas And Maika Makowski.

This festival becomes a perfect plan for the whole family as it also includes Reopening of Parque d’Oeste 20 years later. The enclave has great historical, aesthetic, botanical, landscape and urban interest, being part of the city’s urban fabric and identified with its citizens. The Parque del Oeste responds to the Hygienic current of the late 19th century, which sought to create an ideal city, considering the garden to be an ideal city.

With the purchase of tickets for the event, which they are already on sale, it contributes to the care of the environment and supports the conservation of our oceans. Festival is promoted Tuna Skin Foundationdedicated to the promotion of decarbonization projects and the conservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems and their biodiversity, and is europe fm as the official broadcaster.

MAW is an organization that seeks to boost the economy of the regions through innovation in several fields of activity. Guiding efforts towards sustainable development, smart cities, circular economy and investment in new technologies. The mission is driven by a multidisciplinary cultural perspective that facilitates the dissemination of knowledge to a wide and diverse audience.

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