“Maybe he’s the next coach of Brazil”: the overwhelming revelation about the future of José Mourinho

Carlos Alberto revealed that Mourinho could be the coach of Brazil

The World Cup in Qatar 2022 ended with various names of coaches who left their position after not achieving the objectives they had planned before the start of the tournament. One of them was the brazilian national team Adenor Leonardo Bacchi, better known as titewho after falling in the quarterfinals announced his separation.

As of the official announcement, several important surnames began to circulate in the environment, among them that of Pep Guardiola and the italian Carlo Ancelotti, today at Manchester City and Real Madrid, respectively. However, it could be another great European coach who would land on South American soil.

“Let me say it directly. Maybe Mourinho is the new coach of Brazil.”revealed the former Brazilian soccer player Carlos Alberto in an interview for the podcast GV WORLD.

Carlos Alberto assured that Mourinho asked him to be his assistant (Reuters)
Carlos Alberto assured that Mourinho asked him to be his assistant (Reuters)

“This is information, not opinion,” said the former Fluminense, who was also led by the Portuguese coach during his time at Porto in 2004. “This is news that I am reporting publicly. He also asked me to work as his assistant”, added the 38-year-old from Rio de Janeiro.

The experienced Portuguese coach, who has an extensive career in European football after passing through clubs such as Real Madrid, Inter, Chelsea and Manchester United, among others, I would have already given the “ok” to take command of the greenyellowwhich fell to Croatia in the quarterfinals of the last World Cup.

So far neither Mourinho himself nor the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) have spoken publicly since The 59-year-old coach maintains a current contract with Roma until June of the 2023-24 season.

Although the Italian entity would be willing to continue counting on his services, The Special One trust that They will not put obstacles to reach an agreement between both parties. In the case of requiring their services before the end of your relationship with The wolfthey must agree on a figure for their departure.

Mourinho could be the next coach of Brazil (Getty Images)
Mourinho could be the next coach of Brazil (Getty Images)

José Mourinho also made headlines in the Portuguese media after the dismissal of Fernando Manuel Costa Santos after falling in the quarterfinals against Morocco 1-0. However, this Monday the arrival of Roberto Martinez for that position when he left his position in the Belgium team, which was surprisingly out of competition in the group stage.

The position of coach of Brazil continues to be unknown, after the coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelottiseemed to completely dismiss his possible arrival in South America by assuring that has a contract with the club Meringue and this would be his last job before officially retiring.

Pep Guardiolawhile, He has a contract with Manchester City until June 2025 and from England they assured that he still has many objectives ahead to meet the citizens.

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