Mayor of Guaynabo describes as “unacceptable” that a million people continue without electricity service

Edward O’Neillmayor of Guaynabo and who for more than 20 years worked as a supervisor of electric power service brigades, thundered this Friday against the “bad performance of LUMA Energy” after the passage of Hurricane Fiona.

In a public letter, the municipal executive stated that it is “unacceptable” that around a million customers continue without electricity service five days after the hurricane hit the island. “And, worse still, the attitude of arrogance and intransigence of some of the executives, who lack empathy with the people,” he stressed.

As stipulated, in the letter published on social networks, his professional life was made in more than 20 years of work with the Electric Power Authority and about a year with LUMA.

He diagnosed that the worst evil of the company -which since June 1, 2021 is in charge of the transmission and distribution of energy- is that “they do not accept help, they do not accept recommendations, they hide data and information that could be useful to advance to light up Guaynabo and other towns in the Metro area.”

“Our work team -like that of other fellow mayors and mayors- have spent long hours helping our respective fellow citizens who have suffered some type of incident, we know their needs closely, but the empathy of LUMA’s senior management shines through. your absence. The lack of knowledge that they maintain affects the start of work that contributes to raising Puerto Rico,” said O’Neill.

He added that “I have a list of recommendations to speed up the service restoration process, we have compiled the necessary information to complete the work. However, the company remains alienated from reality. I have always been willing to collaborate, but I regret that the LUMA company simply does not allow us to be part of the solutions to restore service in our town.”

O’Neill’s complaint joins others already made by several mayors, such as Bayamón, Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz, and San Germán, Virgilio Olivera, about the problems that LUMA faces in order to energize the country.

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