MCU: Some data reveal the importance of Marvel for Disney +

Whip Media, through Variety, shared new data on how Hawkeye attract significant viewers on Disney + and its effect on subscribers to the streaming service. The research team conducted a survey of US platform users over the age of 13.

The result of that study is that 66% of respondents will definitely watch the guided series with Jeremy Renner And Hailee Steinfeld, while 10% said they won’t see it.

The survey also showed evidence that the majority of respondents watched the series produced by Marvel. WandaVision tops the list with 72.4%, Loki to 66.7% e The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in third place with 64.7%. According to Whip Media, the three shows helped Disney + to earn more subscribers later The Mandalorian (December 2020). It is therefore evident that theMCU is the main engine of the platform.

However, despite this, a large part (39.5%) of the interviewees from Whip Media also acknowledged subscribing to Disney + not only for the contents of the Marvel Studios, but also for other projects related to Disney.

Marvel, aware of the importance of cinecomics in today’s entertainment, “pushes” fans ofCinematic Universe watching the plots and links of the shows. All this is essential to understand the extension to other shows and, above all, to other films destined for the theater. Consequently, it is reasonable to assume that the growth trend of Disney + will continue until Marvel will produce new titles and shows.

The new projects will arrive soon on the platform of the House of Mickey Mouse Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett, Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, the new seasons of Star Wars: The Bad Batch And The Mandalorian; the registered docuseries National Geographic (Limitless with Chris Hemsworth And Welcome to Earth with Will Smith); the series The Beatles: Get Back from Peter Jackson and many other products Disney/Pixar.

The first two episodes of the new series Disney +, Hawkeye, I’m streaming now. Subsequent episodes of the series will be available on a weekly basis every Wednesday. In short, more than enough reason to subscribe to Disney +.

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