Medical and Pharmacy College of Madrid: no to temporality

Manuel Martínez del Peral, president of the COFM.

The Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid (COFM) has made public its support for the manifesto promoted by the Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid (Icomem) “in favor of a exceptional job stabilization call to put an end to the abuse of long-term temporary employment”, to which the Interprofessional Union of the Community of Madrid (UICM).

As a member of the Interprofessional Union, the Madrid pharmaceutical corporation considers that “it is a fair claim that responds to the demand of health professionals who work in the Madrid Health Service (Sermas) in compliance with current regulations. Among these professionals, there are also many pharmacists who are specialists in Hospital Pharmacy and other specialties within clinical laboratories that carry out their duties in the public sphere”, stated the corporation that presides over Manuel Martinez del Peral.

According to this professional association, the application of the Law 20/2021 on urgent measures to reduce temporary employment in public employment “undoubtedly offers an opportunity to achieve the objective of consolidating employment and stabilizing the workforce, a process that will have an impact on the quality of the health care that citizens receive and also on the improvement of working conditions and development of pharmacists working in the public sector”.

The Madrid pharmaceutical corporation has also pointed out that “it must be remembered that the current Law obliges Public administrations to offer, before June 1, 2022, the temporary worker positions that are currently occupied to perform functions of a permanent or structural nature. The selective processes must be completed before December 31, 2024″.

For this reason, and in line with the UICM and the Icomem, the COFM defends, in the first place, an exceptional call for the stabilization of long-term temporary employment through a merit-based competition system that includes all the pharmaceutical positions occupied in specialized care on an eventual and uninterrupted basis prior to the January 1, 2016.

For temporary positions occupied after that date, and until December 31, 2017, request the call for a Extraordinary Public Employment Offer and that the selection is made by the opposition contest system with a non-eliminatory opposition phase.

“It would be an opportunity to consolidate the employment of pharmacists who have been working, uninterruptedly, in Specialized care since before January 2016 and to enable a contest-opposition in which mainly take into account the experience and the curriculum that they already have, instead of a theoretical exam, for places temporarily occupied at least in the three years prior to December 31, 2020, under the additional fee contemplated in article 2.1 of Law 20/2021″ , has stated the COFM in a communication that has been sent to Medical Writing.

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