Medical assistant who was injured in El Yunque is infected with COVID-19

Beth Callahanthe medical assistant who was injured while vacationing with her husband, Daniel, and their children in Puerto Rico at the end of January, suffered a slight mishap in his recovery after contracting COVID-19 in the hospital where he receives assistance and physical therapies.

Daniel Callahan posted an update on Beth’s recovery last Saturday on the portal Caring Bridge and confirmed that his wife was infected with the coronavirus, so he was transferred to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Massachusetts.

“On Wednesday, while walking with Sarah (Nethercote Hart, Beth’s sister) through the nurses’ station, we heard someone mention that one of the patients on the floor (that Beth is on) tested positive for COVID-19. My English teacher friends would call this a ‘foreshadowing,’” Daniel wrote in the most recent blog post.

“After two years of caring for COVID-19 patients, Beth avoided getting infected. After two months of living in hospitals, the contagion was inescapable,” she added.

Precisely, the couple chose to vacation in Puerto Rico because Beth, who works as a medical assistant, was physically and emotionally worn out by the ravages caused by the pandemic.

Daniel stressed that Beth only has mild symptoms such as a cough and that she is being treated with the antiviral Remdesivir. He said his wife will return to Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in a few days if she continues to respond to treatment.

“Of course, this is a bad thing, well, hasn’t he been through a lot already? He also feels bad (the situation) because he has made so much progress in his recovery. This week he was able to swallow and began to eat food that had been mashed in a food processor (puree), as well as thick drinks. She has become extremely adept at expressing herself using a letter board, and she has also begun nodding her head, as well as using her thumbs to sign (thumbs up and thumbs down).Daniel pointed out.

The day after my last post (April 7), when we were concerned that he had not been able to move the left side of his body, he started moving his left foot. He now he can lift his leg and bend his knee. On Wednesday (April 13) he used an exercise bike during his physical therapy session,” Daniel stressed.

Beth, who arrived in Puerto Rico at the end of January of the current year along with her husband and eight-year-old twins, participated in an excursion on February 9, 2022, at the El Yunque National Forest and, at the end of the journey, several people began to jump from a waterfall into a natural pool.

At first, Beth refused to take the leap because, as her sister Sarah explained to a television channel in Boston, where the marriage resides, Beth did not usually take risks. Beth finally agreed to a dive, but in trying to launch herself she faltered, and trying to back off the edge, she slipped and fell. As she fell, she Beth received a blow to the head that left her unconscious and in a vegetative state.

Beth received assistance in the Medical Center in Río Piedraswhere she was intubated, but was later transferred to a hospital in Boston, and on March 18, she was admitted to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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