Medical cannabis in Mexico: what you need to know so far

It is possible that in the coming months we will begin to see pharmaceutical authorized products.

So can I buy CBD products?

Yes, there are currently several product options with CBD, and they do not contain THC. This makes its sale completely legal and permitted. You can buy them in store or online, always making sure that you are buying a reliable product.

Currently, in Mexico there are several products in informal commerce that claim to have CBDor even TCH. Elizalde highlights: “The problem of buying a product on the market that is not regulated, you don’t know the company, you don’t know if the importer is legal, and they don’t have anything to back it up, which is dangerous. At best, these products don’t have cannabidiol, so you’re using a placebo. Others are home extractions, which is dangerous since it must be handled by a health professional who has strict control because it can cause a health problem. The people who sell it are not trained to say how to use it and the consumers do not know how to do it”. So, if you are looking for these products, do it in the formal trade, always checking if it is a reliable company.

What can I use CBD for?

The CBD it may be recommended to treat epilepsy, among other conditions. The uses of cannabinoids in humans is very broad, the fact that it can regulate the system cannabinoid and that it goes to two receptors closely linked to the central nervous system and the immune system means that they can be used as an aid to treat a type of problem or disorder in the central nervous system, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, epilepsy, and also for autoimmune diseases , according to Elizalde, who also points out that they can help “sleep better, lower stress levels, have better performance in physical activity. The fact that your central nervous system is regulated helps you on a day-to-day basis.”

However, in the palliative aspect, there are other opinions. The Dr. Mafer Arboladaanesthesiologist specializing in chronic pain and palliative care and an expert in medical Cannabis, who points out that -for a medicine to work- it must have THC. “It is common to find CBD creams, but at the moment you cannot use a cosmetic to treat an illness. I cannot say that a cream with CBD can treat pain.”

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