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The Medicine career is one of the most in demand worldwide. In Costa Rica, a 19-year-old young man managed to enter the university and his reaction moved users of social networks. To better care for his future patients, he learned three languages ​​and sign language.

In the first days of January, Ezekiel Cardozo, a native of Alajuela, registered for the admission exam for the Medicine and Surgery career at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), after obtaining the International Baccalaureate and doing various internships.

To find out if he had a vacancy, the 19-year-old saw the results with his mother Gabriela Oses and decided to record the moment. The emotion of Ezekiel and the woman was overflowing when they realized that he had fulfilled the objective.

After the images were published on TikTok and other social networks, they quickly went viral.

“It was a dream come true, I was screaming with emotion, it was something inexplicable, that is, too much emotion, it was very nice because I was able to fulfill part of my dream, which is to be a doctor,” he told

Watch the viral video here

@gabbyoses ♬ A thousand years – Zeus

Fluent in English, Portuguese and sign language

In addition to his native language, Spanish, Ezekiel Cardozo learned to be fluent in English and Portuguese before beginning his university career. In addition, he knows LESCO (Costa Rican Sign Language), used natively by non-hearing people in the Central American country.

According to Ezekiel’s mother, the main reason for learning other languages ​​is to communicate with all kinds of patients and better serve them in her office. “He says: ‘I want to help everyone who comes to my office.'”

The UCR, through social networks, welcomed Cardozo and each of the students who will start the race.

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