Medical insurance, a need beyond health

The important thing is to be insured, with any of the policies available in the market that adapt to the reality of each person. And this importance goes beyond the fine that may or may not result in the fact that you are not protected, but that not having health insurance can be the difference between life and death. Unlike private insurance in some countries In Latin America, insurance companies in the United States are inclined to carry out annual control exams with which they try to verify the good health of their members. They thus offer the possibility of medical check-ups in the areas of the body where diseases can occur the most, and checks of those areas in which patients need attention-When a person is protected with medical insurance, these annual check-ups are usually carried out, for which, Some insurance companies offer rewards for those who punctually comply with these reviews. This is a huge difference that not only benefits their physical and mental health, but also their financial health. The problem arises in the opposite case when patients do not have any type of health policy that invites them to have these annual check-ups, and therefore avoid spending patients are careless, a decision that can have unfortunate consequences, which in the worst case can lead to death. In other words, a person who attends their annual check-up can prevent the advancement of certain diseases with early detection , unlike those who are not vigilant about their health.

Remember that there are silent diseases that do not manifest themselves until it is too late to stop them or eliminate them completely, so prevention is very important.

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Among Hispanics there is a certain tendency to avoid contracting medical insurance, since knowing the price of medical services in their countries of origin and the difference with those in the United States, they assure that it is better and more advantageous to attend to some ailment in their hometowns rather than where they live in the US.

Although the difference in prices in some specialties can be advantageous and cheaper in countries such as Colombia, Panama or Costa Rica; The decision to attend outside the United States can trigger a series of inconveniences that are difficult to attend to and in a time availability that not everyone has. In addition, it is not only the cost of the specific intervention or treatment, but also the time that must be available , the cost of logistics such as tickets, lodging, transportation, not to mention the additional costs that any complication that requires more time in care would entail. On the other hand, this possibility of seeking treatment outside the United States could only be with elective operations that are planned in advance; therefore, it leaves out any complication due to an accident (of any kind) that may arise. The Jaramillo family was left with an enormous debt, which they must pay at a certain time with a special effort. So you already know that running out of health insurance is a risk you shouldn’t take.

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Florida is the second state with the highest number of uninsured children in the Nation.

Florida is the second state with the highest number of uninsured children in the Nation.


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