Medical miracle in Brazil after separating two Siamese twins joined at the head

Medicine continues to advance by leaps and bounds and medical miracles are becoming more and more frequent. The latest example is found in Brazil, where they have lacked seven surgeries to separate two Siamese twins who were born with their heads together. Almost four years after their birth, the little ones have managed to be separated in what is already considered a milestone in the history of medicine.

The little ones, Bernardo and Arthur, were born approximately four years ago in extreme conditions that required a true medical miracle. Their heads had been born attached to each other, and therefore, a medical method was required to separate them. The danger of their dying during an operation was such that the chances of separating them and making them live they were almost nilbut, again, a miracle has made its way.

Thanks to the doctors, everything went well. The children’s parents never gave up and fought to save their children’s lives, until they finally succeeded. It has been four years of continuous medical processes, tests, small surgeries and interventions, which have finally served so that, in a very complicated operation, and with state-of-the-art technology, the children have managed to be separated. A miracle that, in Spain, could be compared to those of Dr. Cavadas, recognized for his numerous heroic interventions.

The danger of surgeries with the brain involved

If there is a field where doctors still need to investigate further to find solutions, it is in the brain, the most vulnerable area of ​​our body. For example, if two children are born with their arms attached, a much simpler solution may be sought, since the limbs tend to be easier for doctors to separate. Nevertheless, the brain is a very delicate pointsince it can lead to death if not acted correctly.

In the case of the little Siamese twins, it took four years to carry out a very risky operation, which, thanks to the good preparation of the doctors all this time, it ended up going well. However, the need to continue investigating how to carry out surgeries that can save the brain remains paramount for future processes in which such an important part of the body as the head is involved.

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