Medical students ask to continue their studies in their faculty

Students of the Faculty of Medicine of Ciudad Real and Albacete have expressed their concern about the intention of the University of Castilla-La Mancha to modify their training itinerary, which would force them to teach their third year of career in Toledo.

As reported this Sunday in a press release, this decision would force them to abandon their current powers, which would leave them “in a situation of helplessness.”

The students, second-year Medicine students, belonging to the faculties of Ciudad Real and Albacete, have indicated that they have detected “several irregularities” in the assignment of an alternative to teach third-year teaching at the Toledo University Hospital.

In the first place, the selection process was carried out based on a pre-registration (summer 2021) with scarce and non-binding information, due to the absence of regulations and information regarding the new university teaching at the Toledo Hospital Complex, an election They have criticized that it was done two years later, since the transfer to Toledo would take place from the third course.

Secondly, the assignment has not been notified administratively or by publication, making it impossible to appeal it and, thirdly, to this day, there are still no regulations regarding teaching.

In this sense, the students remember that the only resolution that has been published has been on December 29, 2022 for students who start, from this moment, the studies of Medicine in both faculties, since it is not possible for them to have retroactive effects.

Fourthly, the call referring to the published regulations, “Regulations for Itinerary Change”, has been initiated during the rest period after the final exams, without having counted on the participation of the students, for its preparation or for the appraisal commission.

On the other hand, they have warned that “there is no regulatory information regarding verification by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA), that is, that the centers attached to teach are still only Ciudad Real and Albacete.

There is also no information on the website about the Toledo center or what the study plans will be like or who their teachers will be.

The students affected by this imposed itinerary change have demanded that their desire to freely choose their itinerary be respected, as well as the increase in the number of places that allows them to remain in their current faculty.

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