Medical students combine their studies with playing in an orchestra

Medicine students at the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas (UAT) Tampico campusalso put into practice their skills in playing musical instruments by being part of a chamber Orchestra.

UAT Medicine students participate in chamber orchestra.  (Julio Martinez)

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UAT Medicine students participate in chamber orchestra. (Julio Martinez)

That is why they carried out a concert in the auditorium of said academic unitwhere a group of students show off their artistic skills and that they not only have skill inside hospitals.

The director of the Tampico School of MedicineEnrique Álvarez Viaña, highlighted the work that the students have been developing as part of their training in the classroom.

“It is a festival on the part of the music teachers, since we entered here eight years ago, I saw with pleasure that the students, despite being a very demanding career, had violin and cello classes and that they participated in these tributes, in these cultural-musical events.

He said he is in favor of these activities because they are showing their ability to work as a team, something that they will put into practice in their performance as doctors.

“They are working on what an orchestra is and in an orchestra it is not individual work, it is team work. They are taught the responsibility of working as a team, that if they make a mistake it is not their own mistake, it is a mistake of the whole group.

He explained that this orchestra is made up of about 25 members, but at this time they cannot all be there because some are foreigners and others are in their boarding school.

“Right now the entire team is not here, but as soon as the pandemic is over, this is going to be much more crowded.”


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