Medical students set their goals for 2023

María Valderrama, president of the State Council of Medical Students (CEEM).

New year, new goals. The State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) starts this 2023 with a list of priority challenges in which, as you may have learned Medical Writingpremium the Mental health of the student body and the rejection of the opening of new faculties and the increase in clausus numbers, in addition to the defense of the Primary Care, as a fundamental pillar of the National Health System (SNS). Some lines of work with which they intend to continue with the work undertaken by the previous Executive Commission chaired by Luciana Nechifor.

As explained by the Council, the figures collected by the DABE study carried out in collaboration with the Spanish Society of Medical Education are “truly worrying”, so they assure that they are already taking measures in this regard. For example, they explain, working hand in hand with the Social Protection Foundation of the Collegiate Medical Organization (OMC) and the Mutual Medical Foundation to offer a service such as the Telematic Psychological Support Service for Medical Students (Sapem).

This initiative facilitates psycho-emotional care for medical students in Spain who present discomfort and mental suffering, and who voluntarily request professional help through a telematic platform, by videoconference or by telephone, with Mental Health professionals and, of course, in a completely confidential manner.

New medical schools

Another of the objectives for the next 12 months is to stop the opening of new faculties and the increased numbers clausus. From the CEEM they defend, together with the National Conference of Deans, that the university system “is not prepared to assume this increase”. “It is necessary to increase the number of teaching staff and improve clinical practices, which continue to be terribly heterogeneous in the different faculties”, they defend from the Council, emphasizing that while in some universities they start with the daily rotation from fourth, in others the students they don’t go to the hospital regularly until sixth grade.

On the other hand, medical students, as future health professionals, are positioned in defense of primary care. In fact, from the association chaired by María Valderrama they support the Health colleagues in the different mobilizations that have been orchestrated throughout the country for an improvement in their working conditions, as well as the quality of care for patients.

New CEEM Executive Commission

Last October, the CEEM appointed its new Executive Committee for the 2022-23 academic year. At the XCIII State Meeting of Medical Students, held at the University of the Basque Country, María Valderrama was ratified as general president, in addition to electing the rest of the members:

Maria ValderramaPresidency

ander santiagoGeneral Secretary

Eva JimenezGeneral treasury

Francisco EspinVice Presidency of Territorial Organization

Elisa MoralesVice Presidency of Training Affairs

Guillermo RamosVice Presidency of External Affairs

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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