Medicine credits in Salamanca: student protests

The students of Medicine of the University of Salamanca have raised their voices against the Dean of their faculty due to the new credit cap tax for first registrations. Those affected denounce that this decision will force them to lengthen their careers and dispense with programs such as Erasmus, which is why they are willing to go on strike if the center does not give in to their demands.

The controversy arises as a result of the enrollment conditions announced last June by the Dean. According to the students themselves, the new plan limits the first enrollment to 60 ECTS credits, 30 less than in other universities; and 72 in second and successive.

The problem, indicates one of those affected to Medical Writing, is that this formula practically “condemns” them to extend their stay at the university one more year, up to seven, in case they lose more than 12 credits. “Y there are subjects of 7, 8 and 9”, Add. At the same time, this fact implies that students cannot access international mobility programs such as Erasmus or Sicue without ‘losing’ a year.

Problems for the preparation of the MIR

Finally, medical students report that the change in enrollment methodology will also have an impact on their expectations of specializing. “With the syllabus load of another year plus the practices, the MIR is not going to give us time to prepare well” concludes this source.

Medicine students at the University of Salamanca have expressed their outrage on social networks, in which they have made the motto a trend #SOSMedicinaUsal. Through Twitter, the group has reported that in 2019 “an agreement was reached to avoid the credit restrictions imposed by the previous dean”. However, now “the agreement has been broken unilaterally and without any vote.”

“The new registration regulations inevitably lead to the increase in academic courses to complete the degree in a large number of students”, they sentence.

Faced with this situation, the young people have declared ‘war’ on the faculty and have warned that they will mobilize until the center’s managers do not meet to negotiate the conditions. “If a solution to the problem is not found, we do not rule out going to strike”, they warn.

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