Medicine tunos from the last three decades will meet this weekend in Salamanca

The history of the University of Salamanca cannot be understood without Fray Luis de León, without Miguel de Unamuno and other universal figures who have given it brilliance and splendor throughout the centuries. Nor without the hustle and bustle, the joy and the life that thousands of students from all eras have given this city who have filled its classrooms and quenched their thirst for knowledge.

Among these, a group has stood out for 800 years, the same as the Salmantino Studio, for representing a unique lifestyle always linked to the evolution of the institution itself. They are the tunos, heirs to the initial ‘sopistas’, students who won the ‘boba soup’ with their musical and courtship skills back in the 12th century… and who have evolved to this day in musical groups called ‘Tunas’.

One of them, the ‘very Andariega and Illustrious Tuna of the Faculty of Medicine of Salamanca’ (TUMS), celebrates this weekend (May 13 and 14, 2022) its first 30 years of history.

Three decades since its last refounding, in 1992, by a group of outstanding students from this faculty who, longing for the history of this group that had disappeared a few years before, decided to bring it back to life. To do this, they had the invaluable help of the Tuna from the Colegio Mayor Hernán Cortés, who joined their ranks.

And this is where the list of brilliant figures mentioned at the beginning, is freed from resounding surnames and from all known. Other names such as ‘Brasas’, ‘Pufos’, Turmix’ or ‘Billete’, among many others, stand out and link their names to the history of the University of Salamanca. Founders who, with their initial effort and courage, gave that new breath to a Tuna today more alive than ever, in which the ‘Torete’, ‘Hodor’, ‘Cabras’ or ‘Prisci’ on duty now shine for their worth. And to those who closely follow their apprenticeship as rookies, ‘Radio Tormes’, ‘Mojino’, ‘Rinconete’ or ‘Txiripas’…

To celebrate such a great event, the TUMS brings together this weekend nearly a hundred of the members welcomed in the group in these three decades.

And it does so with a program of events that combines a presence on the street, because the prickly pear is street and boisterous, with a round in one of the emblematic buildings of Salamanca, the courtyard of the Colegio de Anaya, and a performance in the Fonseca Auditorium .

The meeting will begin on Friday the 13th with a parade from the Plaza Mayor to the Colegio de Anaya (8:00 p.m.). Next, a romantic round will be held inside for the godmothers and other lucky women. (20.30 approx).

On Saturday, starting at 7:00 p.m., TUMS will star in a complete recital of its best versions of the student songbook at the Fonseca Auditorium. The performance is open to the public and tickets, at a price of €2, can be purchased the same day at the space box office. The entire proceeds will be destined for charity to Cáritas Salamanca.

The performance will feature some exceptional ‘openers’: the Salamanca Female Medicine Rookie Tuna, in the process of being mentored and sponsored by her male counterparts, who have thereby wanted to show their explicit support for such an exciting commitment and, at the same time, offer them the opportunity to have his first public performance on stage.

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