Medlars, very good yes but from Italy: the Spanish ones up to 30 poisonous pesticides

In the food we are eating, including medlar, we ingest pesticides without any studies evaluating the interaction of these toxic substances.

Medlar from spain –

Awareness of the presence of pesticides in our foods should lead to one more attention in what we buyand above all from their origin.

Medlar? Italian is better!

It may appear to be mere parochialism, but it is not. In particular for the recent news about the treatments to which both fruit and vegetables are subjected outside our country.

Whether they are referred to as agropharmaceuticals or more widely called pesticides, the substance does not change: they are harmful to human health and beyond. As recently reported, pesticides can negatively affected with their presence on food, even the entire surrounding ecosystem.

Medlar tree
Medlar tree –

Fruit and vegetable products in our country, which they present pesticide residues above the legal limits, they are very few.

In fact, according to the analyzes carried out by the competent official bodies, just 1.39%, that is 35 out of 2,519 of the samples taken and subjected to analysis in 2020, is to be considered outside the current regulations.

On the part of Legambiente, these are the data that appeared in the “Stop pesticides” documentation, in which further data emerged. In fact, the part of the samples in which no residue is found is 63.3%. On the contrary, 35.3% of the six samples examined showed the presence of one or more residues.

Pesticides on Spanish medlar

According to the results of a report drawn up in 2019 by the “Directo a tus hormonas: Guía de alimentos disruptores”, 44% of the vegetables sold on the Spanish market it had potentially dangerous pesticide residues. Ibid including medlars arriving in Italy.

Farmer sprays pesticides
Farmer sprays pesticides –

The results highlighted how part of the pesticides present in fruit and vegetables from Spanish production they can alter the hormonal balance of living organisms, including human beings.

For some fruits, such as strawberries, these may even come to include 37 different pesticides, of which 25 of which can affect the hormonal system. In addition, it was found that as much as 31% of the substances contained in pesticides they are not approved in the European Union.

According to scientific experts, it is not yet possible to provide an assessment what it means for health the combination of these pesticides on human health.

Trays of medlar
Trays of loquats –

Recent results from Eurostat (the Statistical Office of the European Union) have made it known that Spain is the leader in pesticide sales in Europe.

These are percentages that have not changed over the last few years, in practice the course is not reversing, at least until 2020 with well 44% of pesticides are found on fruit and vegetables.

A criticism of Spain also that of take fewer samples to analyzethan what happens in the European community, and always coming from official data.

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