Meet Priscila, Rihanna’s Brazilian impersonator

The resemblance between Rihanna and Priscila is mind-blowing. She makes it her job and it succeeds.

The legend makes believe that somewhere in the world each person has at least one other person who looks exactly like him, what is called a double in the French language. But it is easier to spot the lookalikes of a star or a famous person, since it is someone who is exposed to the general public.

So just like Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and so many other international celebrities, Rihanna has found hers, and it’s a Brazilian named Priscila Beatrice. This 30-year-old young woman is not content to be the look-alike of the Barbadian singer, she even makes it her job.

Thanks to her striking resemblance to Riri, Priscila has built herself a following on social media. On Tiktok where she regularly posts videos of herself singing songs by the pop star, she is already approaching three million subscribers. She does the same on Instagram with her more than 500k followers.

A collage of the two stars

Always with the aim of impressing her fans, Beatrice never misses an opportunity to double Rihanna in her content. She sings her songs on stage, she takes her hairstyles, her tattoos, her outfits and sometimes she has her picture taken posing as if it were Rihanna.

To top it off, she went so far as to imitate her twin’s pregnancy by showing herself in a video where she simulated being pregnant. This scene amazed more than one, people ran to take pictures of her while she was walking surrounded by her bodyguards.

It was in 2007 when she released “Umbrella”, Rihanna’s very first song, that Priscila realized her identical resemblance to the star. But it was in 2020 that she really started to make a name for herself on Tiktok where some of her fans even thought that she should be Rihanna’s hidden twin sister, that she may have separated at birth.

At first, everywhere she went, people were scrambling to have their picture taken with her, thinking it was Rihanna. It is among other things for this reason that she ended up making a real job out of it.

” Ofthen several years, the young woman performs in shows and she is also available for pubs if Riri is too expensive for you… “, reports a Brazilian magazine. Priscila spends her time imitating the makeup and looks of the boss of Fenty Beauty, and it pays her big in terms of popularity on social networks.

Once, Rihanna herself commented on one of her videos saying “Where the album sis? #R9”, alluding to his ninth album that his fans were clamoring for at the time. A gesture that obviously moved the Brazilian who had immediately reposted it on her Instagram account expressing her joy.

I can not believe it. The one and only Rihanna just commented in person on my video! You can’t imagine how I feel right now. I’m crying with emotions and joy! this is a dream ! God is wonderful ! »



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