Meet the beauty stylists of the celebs that make them look divine

From an Instagram post, on a red carpet or a paparazzi photo walking down the street with a coffee, they can make a hairstyle, nail design or makeup become the trend that many will wear for months, although sometimes The only thing we can achieve is to have the same tone of lipstick. The It Girls have a level of coolness that many times seems unattainable and impossible to achieve. But they don’t create these looks entirely on their own, which is why celeb beauty stylists exist to help them look even cooler than they already are.

Although they definitely have that I do not know what that makes everyone turn around to see them (nobody takes that away from them) no one hurts a little help. Behind those washed-face looks and a claw clip updo with those of us who wonder how they manage to look so perfect without makeup, there are thousands of hands and appointments to keep them with the trends of the moment on point and thousands of makeup artists creating the coolest beauty looks, hair stylists mixing the tone of the moment and nail artists calculating your every move.

In addition to the facialists who are in charge of preparing them with their best gadgets, masks and creams so that they always have radiant skin. We tell you who are the beauty stylists of the celebs who bring trends to life.

Who are the ones who do the magic?: 7 celebrity beauty stylists

riawna capri

Celebs: Julianne Hough, Selena Gomez, Gal Gadot, Nina Dobrev.

The hairstylist and colorist owns one of the top salons in Los Angeles along with Nikki Lee, the Nine Zero One Salon. Why do they love it? She is an expert in making radical changes to the look while maintaining that california cool that we like so much.

Irinel De Leon

Celebs: Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Vanessa Hudgens

dominate the effortless cool vibe completely, was in charge of styling Hailey and Kendall during Coachella with the baby braids, the trend that drove us crazy all summer. She was also the one who did Kourtney Kardashian’s hair for her wedding in Italy.

Nicholas Clarke

Celebs: Dua Lipa, Kate Moss, Madonna, Emilia Clarke

He was the one who achieved the iconic tone of Dua Lipa for his album Future Nostalgia that brought back the trend of two tone hair that we saw throughout the year everywhere. She is also in charge of maintaining the beach vibe At Kate Moss, she has been playing with her hair color for more than 20 years, she wouldn’t be her without her classic waves that always make her look so cool and that Brigitte Bardot-style tone.

Nikki Lee

Celebs: Paris Jackson, Hilary Duff, Camila Cabello, Emma Roberts, Sarah Hyland

We know that having hair that looks like you came back from the beach with the perfect highlights is the effect that no one can say no to. If there is someone who knows how to achieve the best sun-kissed highlights and the perfect brunette shade for the most natural look possible, definitely no one does it like Nikki.

Jenna Christine

Celebs: Megan Fox, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Hale, Eiza Gonzalez, Lily James

Jenna is the makeup artist who is always willing to take risks, she loves to play with microtrends and experiment with colors. She won’t hesitate to use glittery and great shadows shiny to achieve a risky look in incredible. But of course she also does some spectacular natural looks like the ones she has achieved with our September cover Zoey Deutch.

Zola Ganzorigt

Celebs: Hailey Bieber, Sydney Sweeney, Vanessa Hudgens

If you always wonder who will be in charge of Hailey’s nails that with each design she makes always go viral, we already have the answer. She was the creator of the glazed donut nails and all its variations.

Ivan Pol

Celebs: Miranda Kerr, Ana De Armas, Adria Arjona, Elsa Hosk, Olivia Rodrigo

He has a treatment that is in fact the name of his study The Beauty Sandwich. It uses an innovative technique with frequencies, infrared light and blue light that create an effect “layered like a sandwich” It helps prevent the appearance of marks and wrinkles on the skin, making it look much smoother and brighter.

Now you know who makes our favorite It Girls, celeb beauty stylists are key to making them look spectacular wherever they are seen.

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