Meet the cars that Vin Diesel used in Fast and Furious

Playing a character like Dominic Toretto offers you the opportunity to drive the fastest and most luxurious cars. Today at Tork, we’ll show you some of these cars that Vin Diesel was behind the wheel of on the big screen. Swipe to find out more!

The American actor has positioned himself as one of the best action movie actors of the moment. In addition, it stands out for being film producer and create dubbing for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is estimated that with so many professions, Vin Diesel count with one assets of no more and no less than 225 million dollars.

After several years working in “Fast and Furious”the Californian developed a fanaticism for fast and luxurious cars the same. For what he must have enjoyed be behind the wheel of the incredible cars that appear in the different installments of the saga. Today in torkwe show you some of these models:

1) 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS

A Chevrolet Chevelle SS from the 70’s.

In the fourth installment of the American saga, we see this model Hosted by Dominic Toretto escaping from Los Angeles, this time the car is red. However later on, Dom paints gray and makes it explode while seeking revenge for the death of Letty, a character played by Michelle Rodriguez.

2) 1970 Plymouth RoadRunner

The Plymouth Road Runner model from the 70’s.

The plymouth road runner it appears in “Fast and Furious: Tokyo Challenge” when Toretto meets Sean at the race. East “muscle car” produced by Plymouth, chrysler divisioncount with one V8 engine which allows a power of 300 horsepower and one maximum speed of 241 km/h.

3) Lykan HyperSport

The actor purchased a Lykan HyperSport for himself as well.

This model was used in seventh installment of the sagahad a 6 cylinder engine Y 780-horsepower twin-turbobut It was replaced for flatter and smaller 285 hp engine. The car is estimated will be auctioned among fans of Fast and Furious. Nevertheless, it cannot be used on the street because its airbag was removed for filming.

Of course after trying to be behind the wheel of the best cars, Vin Diesel acquired some of these models to fill his own collection. And you, what car would you like to drive?

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