Meeting between Unión Magdalena and América, postponed due to problems with electricity

The game between Unión Magdalena and América de Cal for the second leg of the round of 16 of the Copa Colombia will resume this Thursday (9:00 am) after being suspended this Wednesday due to lack of electricity when 79 minutes had elapsed.

The match is won by the samarium team 2-1 (4-2 overall) in the duel where the quota for the quarterfinals of the contest will be decided.

The red box that, for days said goodbye to the finals of the Colombian League, will have eleven minutes this morning, plus the addition, to turn the series around and save the first half of the year.

The game started this Wednesday with enthusiasm for the interests of the red box that went up on the scoreboard with an early goal. 30 seconds into the match in the capital of Magdalena, it was the cast led by Alexandre Guimaraes who went up on the scoreboard with a mid-range goal from Daniel Hernández.

That much excited the American cast, but with the passing of the minutes it was diluted in its operation. The local cast went in search of equality and at 24′ there was an inattention in the red defense that represented the equalizer.

A bad return from Brayan Vera to Joel Graterol ended with a rude error that was taken advantage of by Jermein Peña, who scored with an empty goal.

Unión continued fueling and went up on the scoreboard at 41′. A ball to the back of Elvis Mosquera was capitalized by Isaac Camargo, who gained speed and defined Graterol’s right hand post.
Guimaraes moved his team for the second half, but it was not enough to turn the series around.

The reds tried from all sides to hurt the locals, however, they did not have the clarity to take a risk on the goal defended by Carlos Bejarano.

At 79′ the game was stopped due to power failures and after half an hour, Dimayor made the decision to resume the game this morning.

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