Meeting with Travis Barker, the new darling of the Kardashians

Crazier still: Years later, he found himself courting Kourtney Kardashian, since become “the love of his life”, and here he is back on reality TV. “I told him: ‘Our relationship is sacred, I don’t want to put it in danger'” he specifies, however, about his involvement in Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Is this revival a mere coincidence? Nothing is less sure. As the 2000s and pop-punk music make a comeback, Barker, who survived a plane crash almost fifteen years ago, knows he has no time to waste. “I saw myself on my deathbed,” he says of his return to the limelight. “So I know that what matters is to live my life as I see fit, without compromise. Nothing else really matters. »

Travis Barker grew up in California. Although his father, a Vietnam veteran, raised him strictly, he still encouraged him to play the drums. However, this child of the working class never dreamed too big. “My goal in life was to have a place to sleep, to eat, and to be able to play the drums,” he recalls. But almost 30 years ago, he nearly gave up on his dream when his father asked him to work full time to help pay the rent, going so far as to suggest he join the military. . Fortunately, a friend offers him something else: move in with him, work as a garbage collector in Laguna Beach, and play the drums as much as he can in his spare time. This is how he finds himself joining the Aquabats, then, from 1998, Blink-182. The following year, the pop-punk trio hit the jackpot with their third album, Enema of the State.

Since then, Travis Barker has become one of the most famous drummers of his time. He’s played with everyone from Lil Wayne to Rick Ross to Willow Smith to Halsey, among dozens of other artists of all genres. “I’ve always had a crazy pace,” he confirms. Today, he supports the new generation through his label, DTA, which he launched in 2019, signing both young talents like the TikTok phenomenon JXDN, and pop-punk veterans like Avril Lavigne.

Travis is proud of his influence on the next generation. “Right now, we’re seeing a return to rock, guitars, drums, and what it meant to be a rock star 10, 15 or 20 years ago,” he says, not without adding that he to protect his foals. “I want them to benefit from my experience, so that they don’t make the same mistakes as me”. Lately, he spends his days and nights in his home studio. “All the artists I sign have the green light to call me at four in the morning if they need help or if they’re not feeling well. »

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