Megan Fox and Adriana Lima, the courtship warms Instagram: “See you tonight”


Megan Fox and Adriana Lima have carried out a courtship on Instagram that has sent all their fans into raptures.

The exchange of jokes consumed on Instagram between Adriana Lima and Megan Fox it has inflamed and sent into raptures all the fans of the American actress and the Brazilian supermodel.

Just this afternoon, Adriana Lima posted on her Instagram profile a photo of her face alongside that of the face of Megan Fox and directly called into question the protagonist of Transformers writing: “Megan Fox, if you ever need a stunt double in one of your movies, call me. I have only one request… That of sharing the same makeup artist”.

Immediate response from Megan Fox, who has teased the imagination of all her fans. The protagonist of Transformers replied to Adriana Lima: “But, if I needed a girl… Could I call you? Patrick could still get involved in some way! He could take care of our make-up when I pick you up and take you to Nobu”. Fox used the term girlfriend, which means both friend and


And Adriana Lima replied: “This is a date! See you tonight at Nobu’s!”. In short, the day is already on fire because of the final of the European Championships between Italy and England. Rather than cool the waters, Megan Fox and Adriana Lima caused a further rise in temperature.

Recently, the Jennifer’s Body actress has given numerous interviews and touched on different themes, from the desire to star in a Marvel or DC blockbuster, but also family and inclusion. In fact, Megan Fox has commented on the criticism directed at her son, because of his clothing choices.


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