Megan Fox and her boyfriend play with fire with blood ritual, exorcist warns

Famous actress Megan Fox and her boyfriend Colson Baker, known as Machine Gun Kelly, “are playing with fire” by undergoing a controversial ritual in which they drink each other’s blood, an exorcist priest has warned.

In statements to ACI Prensa, Fr. Francisco Torres Ruiz, priest of the Plasencia diocese and in charge of the exorcism ministry, pointed out that the ritual practiced by the two film and music personalities “is quite dangerous” and “in no case It is recommended to no person, least of all to any Christian.”

WARNING: Megan Fox’s statements could hurt the sensitivity of the reader

In recent statements to Glamor magazine for the United Kingdom, whose cover starred in April this year, Fox said that “it’s only a few drops but yes, we consume each other’s blood occasionally, only for ritual purposes.”

“It’s used for a reason, and it’s controlled, where it’s like ‘let’s spill a few drops of blood and let each one drink it,’” he said.

However, she acknowledged that her boyfriend “is much more messy, frantic and chaotic”, because “he is willing to open his chest from a cut with broken glass and say ‘take my soul. Let me bleed on you.’”

Although he said that they don’t always perform the ritual “exactly like this”, this is “a version that has happened and many times”.

The actress describes herself as someone “much more in control”, who reads “tarot cards and I’m into astrology and I’m doing all these metaphysical practices and meditations”.

“And I do rituals on new moons and full moons, and all these things.”

Father Torres Ruiz expressed his “shock” at the statements of the famous actress, but specified that “everything indicates that this ritual will involve an invocation of the devil. Or if they consider it ‘preternatural forces’, but ultimately it is the devil”.

This, he indicated, “can lead to a type of vexation or (demonic) possession, which makes what they are doing quite dangerous.”

The priest recalled that “in the Bible there is an express prohibition of sharing blood, of drinking blood”, but stressed that “the seriousness of this ritual that they practice is not only in the fact of drinking blood, but of sharing a type fluid, bodily fluid, with a ritual issue”.

“That is to say, there is a witchcraft, there is a sorcery in that act. And so that can lead to, and in fact will lead to, spiritual problems, whenever God so decides or prevents it,” he said.

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