Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly could have broken up

08/15/2022 at 12:26


The relationship could have broken up recently

There is no convincing evidence about it, but his fans say so

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) maintain a very peculiar courtship. So far they have given many reasons to talk about their relationship and make headlines: they drink their own blood, suicide attempts. The controversy is served. The problem is that now it seems that the relationship has finally broken.

The relationship has already gone through tense moments in the past. In fact, on a red carpet MGK tried to kiss Mega Fox and this he dodged annoyingly. Instead, there are now reports that could suggest the breakup is official, with HitC claiming in their “Celebrity Breakup Watch” post that MGK has long since disappeared from social media, while Megan Fox is still active and apparently alone.

This does not show that they have broken up, but it does show that they could be taking time. Fox hasn’t spoken about him publicly since the MGK documentary premiered. Still, Kelly is on tour (along with Travis Barker) so maybe he’s just too busy.

Both seem to have a certain comfort in the instability marked by the relationship itself. However, this tenuous balance could break and fragment separating one of the couples that most passionate young people of the moment.

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