Megan Fox and MGK continue to enjoy their romantic trip to Hawaii after rumors of infidelity

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This week Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly announce their reconciliation being captured in love in Hawaii. Three days after their arrival in the paradisiacal archipelago, the couple reappeared enjoying their romantic trip.

Early 2023 Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox faced strong separation rumors after the rapper’s alleged infidelity. Even, the actress came to be caught on different occasions going to events alone and without her engagement ring.

The couple was also seen leaving an office where they would have taken couples therapy, which seems to have served them well, since they are now enjoying an enviable vacation in Hawaii.

Earlier this week the controversial news portal TMZ leaked a series of photographs of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly in a restaurant in the tropical US destination. Days later, the couple appeared walking along the shore of the beach very much in love and very smiling.

The actress appeared with her new hair style in a copper tone and wearing a revealing two-piece outfit in black. On the other hand, the singer wore his long blond hair collected and a white mesh shirt with a set printed in blue tones.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox enjoyed their time at the beach walking along the shoreline smiling and holding hands.

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