Megan Fox has been praised on the network for her ‘honest’ answer that she wants to be a normal person. celebrities

During an online autograph session to promote his new book of poems, ‘Beautiful Boys Are Poisonous: Poems’ (In Beautiful Men Sao Venenos: Poems, free translation), actress Megan Fox was asked by an attendee: “Have you ever wished you weren’t famous and lived a normal life?”

The star’s response caused a stir on social networks, sparking debate about Fox’s films among top Hollywood celebrities.

Megan Fox travels to promote her book of poems about her outlook on life, career and respect for values ​​- Photo: Photo: Mike Coppola | getty images

The actress, famous for great cinema successes such as ‘Transformers’, ‘Garota Infernal’ and ‘As Ninja Tartarugas’, replied without blinking: “You are true to your voice. Now”, and now he pounces: “Acho Q” and a minha “I’m reading right now… I don’t know if she would be able to live anywhere else that wouldn’t be under the holophotos!”

Despite considering herself an ‘introvert’ and also saying that some aspects of her fame are a bit difficult to understand, Fox believes that she ‘loves her soul’ and her ‘destiny’ in life. does; Just to be in the eye of the cameras and the public.

Megan Fox at the Met Gala 2021 – Photo: Photo: James Deveney | getty images

Meanwhile, the quest to better express herself: “I obviously wanted to be able to walk around peacefully in New York, without being chased by paparazzi… Photographers are annoying because they’re always looking for the wrong angle or a bad photo. Live in “Potential to generate the largest number of clickbaits for any site that publishes photos.”

The actress also says there is no opportunity to relax or take advantage of a moment, because “everyone can become a meme.”

After the incident, many comments were posted on social networks; Especially not ‘Reddit’. In two ‘sub-Reddits’ or communities, someone commented on the clip of Megan Fox’s surprised reaction: “It was true here.” And another replied: “One day I saw an actor who has been working on TV for over 40 years, and I didn’t know his name! The world of celebrities is completely different, usually based on appearances. is based.” The discussion continued with another commenting: “In appearance and in location! Megan is always after the paparazzi – and the paparazzi are always after her.”

Another Internet user commented that he could not understand the surprise of people who heard the famous reaction: “Achee Que Teves made it clear that she would never change her life when she fell in love with MGK. More for him Power, it was definitely a pivot to “Afastar gives life to ‘Comm'”.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at the 2021 VMAs – Photo: Photo: Kevin Mazur | MTV | getty images

Megan Fox and singer Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) have been together for three years and, since then, have been controversial with their bizarre moments, such as when the artist revealed that Megan injected a strain with a drop of her blood Was. , while she was recording a movie.

When he confirmed that the engagement ring was due for a ‘Machukaria’ wedding, he backtracked. Whenever any domestic news is published, it is impossible to find comments criticizing the eccentricity of the two artists, so pay attention.

The ‘aesthetic’ option has been criticized twice as often, oddly being called too ‘real’ or too ‘staged’.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox pose backstage at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards – Photo: Photo: Rich Fury | getty images

In an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show to continue her book promotion tour, Megan said that ultimately, she was ‘infected by her co-stars’, and characterized herself as a ‘free spirit’. Like her ex-husband Brian Austin Green, everything is quiet for the actress after having three children.

Atriz Brinkou: “Whoever knew me when he was 20 should have written his own book of poetry, because he was not Bozinha.” Now 37, Megan Fox, a mother of three, star of several successful films and now an author, has established herself as a true Hollywood superstar.

Watch the video below with Megan Fox’s easy questions and answers.

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