Megan Fox says she was ‘influenced by their passion’ by her co-stars in movies: ‘Living spirit’ celebrities

Attridge Megan Fox reveals that, when she’s new, she has a hard time avoiding getting frustrated. In the television program with the participation of actress Drew Barrymore, the famous 37-year-old treated the matter like an evil one.

Fox is releasing his poetry book ‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous’ (‘Meninos Bonitos São Venenosos’, in free translation) as he makes several personal revelations. Talking about the project, the actress even said that she got involved in various toxic relationships.

Actress Megan Fox – Photo: Instagram

Barrymore wants to know more about Meghan’s romance, recalling: “When I was younger, I was very rebellious and wild. I would always have a new love, all the co-stars running to meet me. Used to live.”

Fox was described as a “free spirit”. “I’ve done my work, and I think a lot of people haven’t accepted that, because a lot of people don’t respect or honor my feelings,” he added.

Megan Fox – Photo: Reproducao/Instagram

The turning point for Megan was the birth of her children with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green. These are the countries of Noah Shannon, 11, Bodhi Ransom, 9, and Journey Rivers, 7.

“When I had kids, something happened to me,” she said. “I know it’s a big part of my soul’s day in this life: Don’t repeat what my countryman’s parents did to my children. I was always very conscious of that. This philanthropist was born with children Was.”

Attridge Megan Fox with her three children – Photo: Instagram

Regarding the idea of ​​creating a book of poetry to “eliminate” ruined feelings, Fox advised her former lovers to try the same method, and highlighted that it was not a good person to be with all of them. Was.

She said, “The man who fell in love with me at the age of 20 should have made a book of his poetry, because he was not Bojinha.”

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