Megan Fox sighs in mesh skirt and top with feather details

The actress Megan fox she looks radiant with everything she wears as her statuesque figure and natural beauty stand out with her modern and avant-garde style that characterize her so much, giving a risky touch to her wardrobe that also adds flirtatious details that her fans love.

recently uploaded to social media images of a dream outfit in color blue baby that looks great on him and leans over him cosmopolitan style and seductive with which she looks beautiful and full of glamour, since she dresses with great poise and delicacy.

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It is a set of mesh skirt and long-sleeved top with feather details, satin fabric and buttoned to the torso. Pair with silver high heels, white-painted nails, and no jewelry other than long sparkly earrings.

Her make-up is very elegant and highlights her blue eyes, with melon eyeshadow and white, to illuminate her eyes, well defined mascara and opaque pink lips, to maintain a jovial and very fresh appearance that highlights its beauty without recharging.

The feathers on the top and the translucent mesh are two trends of the momentjust like him high bun that she uses as a hairstyle, leaving two strands around her face, to stylize her features and that are also a very modern detail.

She writes in her post that she rarely wears her hair up this way, since her face is small, but in this case, it suits her very well because balance proportions with the high bun and the locks, that is, it lengthens her face and does not completely gather all the hair, to give her head more shape.

Also share that he wore this outfit at one of the press events promoting the film Good Morning, in which she participates next to her partner and fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly (his stage name), who directs and stars in such a film.

Both by the way were of the wedding attendees from last weekend Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker which took place in Portofino, Italyand to which several members of the Kardashian and Jenner families could not be missing among the guests.

At such an event, Megan Fox looked gorgeous in a black corset top outfit with lace and embroidered beading and bare shoulders, which she combined with a thigh-slit leather fitted skirt and bow at the waist. She wore her hair down, parted in the middle, without a necklace and small earrings, in addition to relatively simple makeup, with light shadows and pink lips.

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