Megan Fox stars Until death (Till Death, 2022)

"To death": the weight of guilt

MONTERREY.- The beautiful Emma is taken at night to a dreamy house, on the side of the frozen lake, to spend a romantic evening with her attractive but manipulative and oppressive husband. Upon waking up, she witnesses an ultraviolent event in which she ends up handcuffed, literally with the dead man.

But that horror is only the beginning of a nightmarish death trap carefully crafted by the guy, a successful but mentally unbalanced lawyer who has decided to take an unusual revenge on his cheating wife.

Megan Fox stars in Until Death (Till Death, 2022), a desperate suspense drama, in which she must carry the weight of a dead person all the time, carrying it, in an obvious metaphor, as the guilt that must be exonerated. in a tense race against time.

Screenwriter Jason Carvey’s ingenuity is recognized for his vision, creating a story like a short story, ambitious in scope, with few characters and practically a location, to sustain an hour and a half of tension for a woman who has been convicted of her husband, to be cruelly killed. She has been sentenced, so the best way she will find to take revenge on the damned is to get out of that problem alive. Thus, he will be able to hear her laughter of relief in the afterlife… if she survives.

In that manor place and with a permanent threat, the film becomes a deadly Home Alone, with a girl who moves stealthily through the small space of a house full of doors and stairs, while being stalked by criminal fools who are as mischievous as they are incompetent.

The entire film is a great showcase for Fox, showing that as well as being beautiful, she can develop her acting abilities in a role that demonstrates surprising complexity. Deep down she deserves a punishment for her inappropriate behavior, by missing her commitment to her partner. However, as it is quickly revealed, her asshole husband Mark (Eoin Macken) deserves no deference and even leads one to assume that he did his best to manipulate her behavior, leading her to deviate from her conjugal obligations.

How far can a brilliant psychopath go to consummate a long-awaited revenge? In this case, the man does not measure his scope and chooses self-immolation, which shows him as a person of great will, who longs for the annihilation of what has hurt him, in exchange for losing everything, including his life.

The film starts very slowly, although director SK Dale inadvertently sows clues. At the limit of patience, the mysteries begin to be revealed and the pieces of the great puzzle fit together to restart the film with a game of persecution in which she must use her cunning and her courage to survive.

The plot has some obvious holes that, to the critical eye, will be laughable. However, they can be ignored, if you opt for complicity to continue this harrowing pursuit in the middle of the ice. The woman must drag with the corpse of a man. If she doesn’t break free, she may be dragged into an abyss of no return.

Although it will not transcend, Until death is a small thriller that demands patience, but gives a good reward of emotions and shocks.

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