Megan Fox talked about how misogyny has been a constant early in her career


Megan Fox she started acting in some TV series in the United States at the age of 15, progressively gaining notoriety and audience (and also love because on one of these sets she met her ex-husband Brian Austin Green). She became a movie star after 2007, when she starred in Transformers of Michael Bay and, finally, icon in the role cheerleader / demon eats men in the cult film Karyn Kusama, Jennifer’s Body.

All in just over two years during which, as she told herself in a recent interview with the Washington Post, has come under the spotlight under enormous media pressure. Reflecting on those years, the actress noted that her every role, action or public outing was analyzed in a misleading and openly misogynistic way. An example among all? The famous 2009 interview during the show of Jimmy Kimmel. Returned viral some time ago precisely because of its unsettling content, it sees Megan Fox explain how the director Michael Bay he almost forced her to stay in a bikini and heel 12, during an audition, when she was only 15 years old. The audience and the host himself, during the program, had laughed and applauded and some former colleagues on the set had called her a “poor girl” and a “liar”.

An episode that, according to the actress, is a bit like the main example of how the first years of her career were treated: “I think that for a long time I was perceived as a succubus, a superficial one and instead it was just the perverse and misogynistic mechanism with which Hollywood treated me. I tried to explain, to have my say, but I was constantly attacked especially by my colleagues». Precisely for these reasons, he defined this period as “one of the darkest” of his life, characterized by the frustration of never seeing his talent and work recognized on a par with his colleagues.

What gave her an escape route was her first pregnancy. The forced break from work allowed her to move away from that environment and reconsider the priorities of her life and career. «Honestly – he continued – I needed a break and when I returned to work I had more tools to manage that type of situation». In fact, the girlfriend of Machine Gun Kelly he has always continued to talk about the misogyny with which actresses are treated in Hollywood and is happy that now the media and the public pay more attention to what he says and listen to, without any kind of prejudice, his views on the matter.

We women know well that these circumstances are not at all a rarity, indeed on many occasions each of us experiences on our own skin what he has told Megan Fox. Often, we are treated differently in the workplace just because they are women and harshly criticised for denouncing this inequality. but the actress shows us that we must never lower our voice, indeed see these difficulties as “a fertile ground where we can grow up to show the world how special we are”.

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