Megan Fox turns an insecurity into a “sexy” trend: showing her lower teeth

Various users of social networks have proven to be able to imitate it.

Every day multiple beauty and lifestyle trends emerge on social networks that challenge users to be part of these dynamics.

In this case, the one who made a gesture fashionable when speaking was the actress Megan foxwho has been in charge of exploiting her sensuality to the maximum with multiple actions that position her as one of the sexiest figures of the shows.

It is not the first time that Fox has proven to be part of the most striking trends in this regard, especially matching her current boyfriend, the rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Talk with your bottom teeth

During recent interviews, netizens have noticed one of the resources that the famous uses, and that is to show the lower teeth when speaking.

After discovering this detail, multiple netizens have tried to recreate it and some have succeeded.

There are even those who point out that it has turned one of insecurities into a trend, and that they have always done it this way.

In this way, it has also drawn the attention of specialists who warn of the negative aspects of this practice, since forcing it can deform the shape of the bite.

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