Megan Fox uses acrylic nails that do rejuvenate hands

Megan fox gives us an important lesson fashion when using the favorite acrylic nails to rejuvenate your hands, so be inspired by your bet to use it for the next few weeks and wear a very sensual look, eye-catching as well as authentic. We love how it looks!

If you are a lover of discreet enamels, the time has come for you to break the rules and take risksso we recommend you recreate the nail art that the celeb recently boasted on her social networks, the best thing is that she bets on one of the spoiled colors of autumn.

Megan Fox wears blue nails that will be in fashion

Through her Instagram account, the actress shared a photograph in which she modeled some wacky nails that remind us that the nails XL they are a trend that we should wear at least once. This time he chose a metallic blue that made her manicure the star of her outfit.

Megan Fox wears blue nails that will be in fashion. Photo: IG

How to do the nails that Megan Fox uses at home?


  • Lime
  • Acetone
  • Metallic blue and transparent enamels


  • File your nails with an almond structure.
  • Apply two coats of blue nail polish.
  • Let dry for a couple of minutes.
  • Finally, place the transparent.
  • Clever! Enjoy your very sexy manicure.

You, would you bet on the blue acrylic nails what do you use Megan fox to rejuvenate the hands? We will model them very soon.

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