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The famous actress Megan Fox and her fiance Machine Gun Kelly have been the protagonists of an incident that has generated much controversy on social networks.

The couple was enjoying a date at the Orange County Fair in California when the singer got into a fight with a fan that ended in a violent situation in which Megan Fox was also attacked.

Although the details of the fight are still unclear, it is believed that the fan said something that insulted Machine Gun Kelly and he responded with a punch, starting the brawl.

The situation became more worrying when Megan Fox was injured in the midst of the brawl after one of the singer’s bodyguards accidentally pushed her against the fence dividing the public while trying to intervene in the fight.

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Concerns about Megan Fox’s safety

The video of the situation has caused great concern among fans and followers of Megan Fox, who have expressed their support and concern for the actress on social networks.

Many have raised concerns about the safety of the actress and criticized Machine Gun Kelly’s violent attitude. After all, this isn’t the first such incident the singer has been involved in.

Here were some of the reactions to the video on social networks:

  • @DoAnythingDan: Damn, Megan Fox can’t even breathe easy. But hey, at least Machine Gun Kelly can handle herself. I think it will take more than one hit to bring him down.
  • @Irunia_: I have so many questions… When are you back? I thought he said he blocked it and why did the bodyguard use him as a shield?
  • ,Mycherryberry:Oh god poor her! I love it!
  • @slvrbackheathen: one of the most toxic relationships

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