Megan Rapinoe threatens to sue Dwayne Johnson for alleged plagiarism in XFL logo

Dwayne Johnson, better known as ‘The Rock’ unleashed a new anger in megan rapinoewho threatened the American actor with suing for plagiarism in the XFL logoWell, according to the soccer player, the typology is totally similar to that of the company Togethxr, of which she owns.

Through social networks the two-time world champion with the USWNT described as strange the presentation of the new identity of the football league presented by The Rock and warned against taking legal action against the XFL.

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“This is uncomfortable. The only thing The Rock and XFL are going to have is an answer for them to stop and rebrand. Togetherxr has this logo secured”, expressed the historic USWNT player.

Similarly, Sue Bird and Alex Morganwho along with Megan Rapinoe owns Togethxr, highlighted the alleged plagiarism used by The Rock for the presentation of the new XFL logo.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I suppose. Thank you to my team at Togetherxr for creating a brand name, logo, and backstory that resonates with so many.”, wrote Alex Morgan, who also shared evidence of the alleged plagiarism.

So far Dwayne Johnson has not commented on the statements of Rapinoe, Morgan and Sue in which XFL is accused of copying the Togethxr brand logo.

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