Megan Thee Stallion’s Booty, Pilates Workout Video

Working out at the gym is nothing new for Megan Thee Stallion, whether she wants to get stronger or just work on keeping her body in top shape. Yet, in a new video on Instagram, she revealed that she has started doing Pilates.

The video begins with Megan preparing for her workout by drinking green juice while amusingly family Guy Running in the background.

“Pilates is not for the weak muthaf*king,” Megan says in her voiceover as she is seen standing and working on her muscles. “These little girls doing Pilates can blow your head off with one strong kick. Bitch, I don’t wanna fuck a bitch that does Pilates.”

As she continues to tell, she also explains how she had to lift the ball with her feet, as per the request of the Pilates trainer. “Look at how my legs are shaking,” Meg explains before commenting on the second half of the video, “I’m screaming Pilates’ ass because I won’t let Pilates touch me.”

Megan’s workout video also features some footage of her cardio and some weighted sit-ups – so she’s working all aspects of her body.

“You want to do some lunges because that’s what lifts the booty up,” she ended the video by working out her butt, before relaxing with some salmon and Topo Chico.

Watch Meg explain her booty gym routine above.

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