“Meghan doesn’t want Kate’s place. She wants everything”: is Markle the new nightmare of the British?


Do not marry that girl, it is unsuitable. It is wrong for us, it is wrong for the country, it is wrong for the role that awaits it“. These words sound like a prediction. The “girl” in question is Meghan Markle. Princess Anne, on the other hand, is the author of this comment. According to reports from the tabloid l’Express, the second child of Queen Elizabeth II, before the Prince Harry married the former actress of “Suits”, advised his nephew to assess the situation well. Actually Meghan did not have the “right resume” for a princess: American, star of a television series, divorced and fashion victim. Before then only one other woman with this profile had managed to “enter” the royal family: Wallis Simpson, a name that causes the British people very bad memories. She was the woman loved by Edward VIII, first king of the United Kingdom, then became (perhaps) one of the first “influencers” in history.

The relationship between him and Simpson was opposed in every way by the royal family and the government: Wallis was not noble, he was not English and had a cumbersome past behind him. She could never marry a king. In the end, however, love prevailed: it was on 10 December 1936, when Edward VIII signed the act of abdication, leaving the throne to his brother Albert and the country in total chaos. The following year, finally free from the constraints of the crown, he married his Wallis. After 84 years, the nightmare has been repeated: Meghan has become the architect of Megxit and great family tensions. When he was still alive, Prince Philip had also noticed the obvious resemblance between Meghan and her predecessor Wallis. But are the two women really as similar as they seem? “They are both American and with a past behind them. But the similarities end there. The two stories are different starting from the way Wallis and Meghan were received at the palace,” royal family expert Lavinia Orefici explained to

How was their entry to the court?

“During the wedding of Marina of Greece and the Duke of Kent, Edward insisted a lot on adding Wallis Simpson and her then-husband, Ernest Aldrich Simpson, to the guest list. In the end he was satisfied by the family: Wallis showed up at the ceremony, wearing a beautiful dress, and they spent the whole evening together. After the reception, George V is said to have screamed all over the Palace: ‘I don’t want to see that woman anymore.’ Meghan had a decidedly different reception: remember that it was Prince Charles who accompanied her to the altar on her wedding day. There could have been millions of reasons why she might not like it, but Meghan was well seen by the royal family, thanks to her Sources multiethnic. Recall that Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Commonwealth, which corresponds to more than two billion people belonging to different cultures. Meghan was a great value added, as Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations, pointed out. With Kate Middleton the monarchy had opened up to the bourgeoisie, but with Meghan a further step forward had been taken”.

Why then did Harry and Meghan move away from the monarchy?

“They point the finger at the racism, mental problems, but these things do not have a shred of evidence. It would seem that the suffering of Meghan derives from the fact of being part of the couple number two, being Harry the second son of Charles, future king of the United Kingdom. Prince Charles has always spoken of a monarchy in “slim” form, that is, burdens and honors in the hands of a few. Harry and Meghan would no doubt have been part of the monarchy, but as George, Charlotte and Louis (William’s children) grew up, they would have played an inferior role. That wasn’t enough for Meghan Markle.”

But for her, who is so impatient with protocol, wouldn’t staying in Kate’s place have been a bit much? He would have had many more duties…


“Let’s be clear, she would definitely not want to take Kate’s place, she would like to be in the foreground as her sister-in-law, but to do what she wants. He does not understand that being a star and being part of the royal family are two different jobs. The monarchy is at the service of the country”.

Harry and Meghan are likely to end up like Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, alone and abandoned by all?

“Surely the relationships with William and Kate will improve with time, but they will hardly return to having the bond of before, because very serious things have been done and said. In a year and passes of Megxit, we have seen Harry and Meghan shoot at the royal family, without doing anything concrete. In my opinion Harry is likely to repent of his choices: that of Edward VIII was forced, that of Harry was not. Much also depends on how their marriage will proceed. Already there are the first signs of subsiding: it seems that he wants to apologize to the family and throw the past behind him, while Meghan does not”.

Have the events related to Wallis Simpson and Meghan Markle created tensions between the US and the UK?

“Politics keeps away from these matters. U.S. presidents have always had great respect for the Crown. What is certain is that after the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Joe Biden he showed empathy towards Meghan and complimented her on talking about her mental frailties. He exposed himself and it had never happened before.”


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