Meghan Markle thinks Prince Harry is ‘up there with Obama’ and deserves a Grammy

The statements of the prince harry And his wife, Meghan MarkleThey never cease to amaze us. Since they made the decision to stop being “active members” of the Windsor clan, they have not stopped revealing all kinds of intimacies about the British Royal Family. And about themselves. When the whole world still digests the explosive stories of the youngest son of Charles III in his biography, ‘Spare‘, his wife leaves us open-mouthed again. The American has commented among her group of friends that her husband deserves to win a grammy thanks to his “relaxing voice” and his interpretation of ‘Your Song’ of Elton John in the audiobook of his memoirs. And he believes that this “will live up to the President Obama”. This is what the British newspaper says ‘Daily Mail’.

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“He’s a natural storyteller, has a soothing voice and even sings on the audio version,” says a source “from the entertainment industry” who has worked with Meghan Markle. He has revealed to the newspaper that The Duchess of Sussex and her team “believe that Harry has every chance to win the Grammy for Best Oral Narrative (Best Audiobook, Storytelling and Recording) for his memoir audiobook.” Spare at next year’s ceremony.” Thus, her exact actress is “sure” that her husband will add a Grammy to his list of awards thanks to his latest memories.

It should be remembered that, at one point in the audiobook, Prince Harry sings a verse of ‘Your Song’of Elton Johnwhen talking about the tribute concert for the tenth anniversary of the death of her mother, the Princess Diana. “It was Harry’s decision to sing the Elton John song on the audiobook. Who was going to say that he knew how to sing? Meghan believes that she is on a par with President Obama, who won the same award a few years ago,’ says the source in the ‘Daily Mail’.

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In 2007 a benefit concert was held called ‘Concert for Diana’which included the performance of Elton John. Prince Harry reveals in his memoirs that Elton John had turned down a request to play ‘Candle in the Wind’ at the charity event because the song was too morbid. The singer had rewrote some of the lyrics to ‘Candle in the Wind’ – also called ‘Goodbye England’s Rose’ – for Diana’s funeral, but instead chose to sing ‘Your Song’ instead of her.

When Harry sings a few verses of the song ‘Your song’, he clarifies: «I hope you don’t mind. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve put into words how wonderful life is when you’re out in the world.’ According to the source cited in the ‘Daily Mail’, Meghan is aware of the hook that her husband has in the United States: «Hollywood adores him (Harry). He has a way with words and a fun sense of humor. He is the one with the power of the stars.’

This year’s Grammy Awards are held on February 5, and the nominees for Best Spoken Word Album are Viola Davis, Questlove, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jamie Foxx and Mel Brooks. Meghan hopes that her husband will be taken into account in the nominations for 2024. «There has even been talk of the possibility of Harry appearing as a presenter at the next Academy Awards [en marzo]» adds the source.

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