Meghan Markle turns 40 and the (skimpy) wishes of Elizabeth, William and Kate arrive. But she will not celebrate


Greetings from the Royal Family have arrived, as expected. ‘Awe hovel to the Duchess of Sussex a happy birthday», reads the post published by the official profile of the royal family for the 40 years of Meghan Markle while three souvenir photos flow: Meghan holding her eldest son Archie, she and Harry together and a smiling photo next to the Queen, the only one for whom she had words of affection during the bomb interview with Oprah Winfrey. No photo instead with the little Lilibet, the latest arrival, whose images have not yet been disseminated by choice of the parents. Her brothers-in-law William and Kate also wished her well «happy 40th birthday» via social media. But nothing more.

The wishes “with gritted teeth”

Rather “narrow” messages that – according to experts – there would have been to ensure that the family feud “does not get worse”. Traditionally, Kate Middleton and Prince William, as well as Charles and Camilla and the Queen, send messages to celebrate a royal birthday. Phil Dampier told The Sun that there would be a public message, but “with gritted teeth”.” The royal commentator added: “Whether a gift will be sent in private I do not know, such is the state of the relationship.” I think Charles, the Queen, and William and Kate don’t want to make the situation worse by having a public meeting with them, but in private I think they’re very upset about how things went. They’re not obliged to text her for her birthday, but they don’t want to make things worse.” And while rumors are chasing about how the duchess will celebrate her birthday today, it is certainly there in her first 40 years Meghan he lived many lives.

The Rebel Duchess

Daughter of a social worker and a director of photography in Los Angeles, from a sexy Hollywood star she turned into a modern Cinderella who married one of the most coveted bachelors in the world – Prince Harry – and made him put his head in place. The Rebel Duchess who has never been afraid to go against protocol by renouncing the status of royal, abandoning the United Kingdom for North America and criticizing the Royal Family in mondovisione precisely in the name of its new life of “greater freedom and financial autonomy”, will celebrate 40 years today. But not as everyone expected.

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No Meghan, no party

In these days, in fact, a thousand voices have chased each other: she will celebrate with an exclusive mega party, Harry will make her make a special cake, she wants to throw herself into politics. And instead, once again, the duchess has shuffled the cards on the table and surprisingly decided to spend her birthday with her prince and little Archie and Lilibet. Maybe Harry will take her on a trip, but there will be no mega party in the villa of Montecito with 65 guests.  At least that’s what an insider assured Page Six. In recent days on the British tabloids it was in fact rumored that the former actress to celebrate the important milestone had even hired Colin Cowie, party-planner friend of Oprah Winfrey famous for organizing the fabulous parties of the celebs. Now, however, the well-informed gossip site of the New York Times denies everything: the Sussexes would not have any party planned. Meghan, recently become an encore mom (of little Lilibet “Lili” Diana) wants a low-profile birthday. Although Prince Harry, the insider continues, may have arranged a surprise for her: a family vacation not far from their home of over 14 million dollars.

The no to Obama

The Sussexes, on parental leave after Lili’s birth, would like to stay quiet with the newcomer and their eldest son Archie, 2 years old. Especially now that the Covid-19 situation in California is getting worse.  After all, Meghan and Harry have always preferred small birthday parties. In the past they have celebrated privately or indulging in a holiday. It also seems that Markle, who turns 40 on August 4, the same day on which Barack Obama celebrates 60, has also said no to the invitation of the former US president who instead (he will) celebrate amid a thousand controversies with a reception, next weekend, in his home on Martha’s Vineyard with 200 VIP guests. Harry and Meghan, always at detThe source of Page Six, they would not be willing to attend their friend Barack’s party either.


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