Meghan Markle’s Book Is the Best-Selling What Is the Reason?


Although in another region, Meghan Markle’s new book did not have as much acceptance, in the US, “The Bench” ranks first among the most requested, becoming a best-seller. What is the reason?

The Bench” is the new book launched by the actressMeghan Markle, which has occupied the first place of sale in the United States, even becoming a best-seller. 

Although in the United Kingdom, the new work dedicated to a children’s audience endorsed by Meghan Markle has not been so well received, in the United States it has been a resounding success by positioning itself at the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

The new work by ” Meghan from Sussex ” was released on June 18 in collaboration with various publishing houses including “Random House Children’s Books” in the United States, Tundra Books in Canada, and Puffin in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa. 

The 39-year-old ” wife of Prince Harry “, who along with the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, became parents of a little girl whom they have called “Lilibeth Diana”, shared the good news through the site of her foundation “Archewell “.

While this poem began as a love letter to my husband and son, I am encouraged to see its universal themes of love, representation, and inclusion resonate in communities around the world. 

In this new work, the Duchess of Sussex reaffirms her search for a greater balance and her hopes for a better world for the new generations.  

In many ways, the search for a more compassionate and equitable world begins with these core values.


Similarly, portraying another side of masculinity – one based on connection, emotion, and softness – is modeling a world that many would like to see for their sons and daughters alike. 

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Finally, the mother of Archie Harrison and Lilibeth Diana today expressed a few words of gratitude for all the support she has received in this new endeavor.

On the less positive side, in the UK the success was completely the opposite, although to a certain extent it is understandable to a certain extent if you take into account that it comes from the “former Suits actress”, the publication only sold 3,212 copies in its first week of release. 


However, not everyone has classified it as something “pessimistic” since the editor of The Library magazine would suggest in an interview that it is a frequent behavior in this type of publication. 

Picture books generally don’t sell that many initially, even if the writer is the Duchess of Sussex, Tom himself mentions it. 

Similarly, it points out that the fruits can be reflected mostly in the long term since they tend to have a longer useful life than the titles that exist for adults themselves.

On the other hand, the work was not exempt from criticism and comments in which they even pointed it out as a “plagiarism”, however, others who have defended the controversial writing with several illustrations refer that this would not be possible since it includes images which refer to the personal and family dynamics of the Sussexes. 

In some of them, they represent Prince Harry feeding the chickens with his son Archie, further in the background Meghan appears with a baby in her arms, as well as two dogs, the beagle, “Guy” and a black lab named “Pula”.


Another of the most curious aspects is that although the “American” is seen with some dislike in the United Kingdom, the truth is that the daughter-in-law of Prince Charles of Wales, has the highest level of popularity in the United Kingdom, more than other members of the British Family, including Kate Middleton, with her wedge, wife of Harry’s older brother, Prince William.

Apparently, the followers of the Californian star, better known as Rachel Meghan Markle, are mostly young British. 

The new generations have found in Meghan qualities in which they would apparently be inspired such as her “courage” and “resistance when things are not going so well.

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Rachel Meghan Markle, today more widely known as “Meghan of Sussex” would get 21 percent, beating the “Duchess of Cambridge”, who registered 11 percent of the votes of the 1,31 young people surveyed.

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