Melany, the “Yucatecan Rubí”, cancels her XV-year party

Mérida.- Melany Hau, a young woman also known as the “Yucatecan Ruby” by massive party of XV years that her family was organizing, she stays “dressed and rowdy”.

Local media reported that Armando Hau, father of the young woman, reported that the celebration is suspended because, given the number of people who intended to attend, it exceeded its response capacity.

It was expected that between 8 and 10 thousand people would attend the celebration, according to the confirmations they had through their Facebook page, which also worried the authorities of the municipality of Teya, where the party would take place, since they had planned a maximum of a thousand people.

“Regarding the event of the XV years of my daughter Melany Hau, which for reasons beyond our control turned on social networks, and that in the heat of the illusion of the celebration it came to be shared on many pages and that it was scheduled for October 15… Doing an analysis of the magnitude of the people confirmed for assistance, there are too many and since, due to circumstances that exceed my capacity to respond, it is that I see myself with the painful need to cancel it. I want to thank in advance everyone who took the trouble to call me to be part of this celebration,” the father wrote in a message posted on social networks.

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