Melinda French Gates speaks for the first time about the infidelity that caused her divorce with Bill Gates

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Melinda Gates opened up about her divorce for the first time, confessing that she split from Bill Gates because she had an affair, but not just because of that.

In her first televised interview since announcing their split last year, the philanthropist told Gayle King that she initially forgave him for his infidelity, but realized that on top of that, the trust was gone.

“Well, I definitely believe in forgiveness, I thought we had worked some of that,” she revealed, referring to her husband’s indiscretion.

“It wasn’t a specific moment or thing that happened, I just realized that I wasn’t healthy anymore and I couldn’t trust what we had.”

It was on May 3, 2021, that the couple announced in a joint statement that they had decided to end their marriage after 27 years.

It was that same month that it was revealed that Gates had had an affair with someone from his company in 2000, although it is not known if Melinda found out until 2021.

“I think it is important to say that I cried a lot, for many days. Days where I literally lay on the floor wondering how I could ever get up again. There were other days when I was angry, all part of my grieving process.”

Here you can see a part of the interview

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