Melissa McBride, Carol in ‘The walking dead’, leaves the continuation of the series

A the walking dead It has eight episodes left to air. After these eight episodes, new spin-off series will be created. A recently announced one will feature Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But the most important, not even because of the weight of the main characters, was going to be focused on Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, who have been playing Daryl and Carol since the first season. However, there are last minute changes: McBride drops out of the project at the last minute.

The AMC channel that broadcasts the series has been clear in its press release: “Melissa McBride has given life to one of the most interesting, real, human and popular characters in the universe of The walking dead. Unfortunately, she can no longer participate in the Previously announced spin-off centering on Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier, set to take place and shoot in Europe this summer for release next year. Relocating to Europe is logistically untenable for Melissa at this time.”

The series will be shot in Europe and for McBride it is “logistically unsustainable” to move with the team

Therefore, two conclusions can be drawn. One is that one of the main attractions to see the sequel, which was McBride, has been lost. Whether they will rescue another popular character from the franchise to join Reedus remains to be seen. The other is that, while he didn’t fit into the fans’ plans, the walking dead wants to place this spin-off in Europe: this not only opens many fronts at the plot level but also confuses about the direction of the remaining episodes of the mother series.

For those wondering if this also spells the end of Carol’s character, don’t go too fast because the statement also states that they hope to see “Carol again in the near future.”

Norman Reedus will continue to star in the spin-off of 'The walking dead'.

Norman Reedus will continue to star in the spin-off of ‘The walking dead’.


The spin-off and continuation of the walking dead has its reason for being in commercial reasons. AMC believes that the future of the company still depends on the universe that came out of Robert Kirkman’s comics, but it had a problem: it had sold the broadcasting rights of its main asset in international markets, preventing AMC from broadcasting the entire franchise of the walking dead (because shows like Fear the walking dead either TWD: World Beyond they were broadcast on AMC channels in the different markets).

With the end of the walking deadnow that AMC ensures absolute control of the universe with the maintenance of Fear the walking dead and the launch of three new series such as the anthology project of The walking dead tales where each episode will focus on different characters, the Negan and Maggie series, or this one with Daryl losing Melissa.

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Norman Reedus will continue to star in the spin-off of 'The walking dead'.

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